Monday, February 2, 2009

CHA: Day 3

I apologize for not posting yesterday...busy day at my daughters' cheer competition.

Today I will describe for you my final day at CHA, and what a busy day it was!

Kathy and I started off the day taking some portraits of each other, photoholics (and big hams) that we are!

This one is reminiscent of the poses that my tween-aged daughters like to strike! How cool am I?! Hehehe

I had to make sure that I got some parting photos with my fellow design team members:

Kathy Morgan, Jenny Stockard, and me:

Scrapbook Deals 4 U owner, Martha Galvez, and me:

Kathy, me, and Nicole Capote:

We headed off to Provo Craft to do one of their fabulous make and takes. Each day they taught something spectacular. On this day, we made a wonderful Americana wall-hanging. I just love it!

Chatterbox had a wonderful booth, full of new products and inspiration.

Look at this homemade brad making tool. Simply place thumbnail photos into decorative frames to make your own cool is that?

I LOVED this pretty!

What a super fun mini-album made out of denim! Another must-have in my book!

Fancy Pants is coming out with a colorful beach-inspired line of paper:

A fabulous Fancy Pants mini album made from chipboard, felt, and transparent sheets:

Of course American Craft is coming out with new Thickers...just love these fun fonts!

Pebbles debuted a super cute paper line called "So Tweet":

I was told that it wouldn't be a CHA without hitting the chocolate fountain at Rusty Pickle!

Here are a couple of paper lines that I really enjoyed out of the company called gcd:

Next we stopped at the Ranger booth. It was decorated with little houses personalized by well-known scrappers. Here were a couple of my favorites:

One of the highlights of the show was when I got to do a make and take taught by, none other, than Tim Holtz! I sat right across from him!!!

The Clear Scraps booth was filled with lots of inspiration. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces:

I'm proud to say that I know Sally Lynn MacDonald, who debuted a new line of hybrid albums for Clear Scraps:

Sally Lynn and me:

And that concludes details of my experience at the 2009 Winter CHA.

Later that night, Kathy and Linda took me to Huntington Beach. We had such a great time! We walked along the pier to get to a wonderful restaurant called Ruby's Surf Side Diner. They had the best burgers and shakes! It was a beautiful night, a little chilly, but with such a refreshing breeze. Afterwards, we visited a street fair. Here are some scenes from our evening together:

I want to thank everyone who made my CHA experience so memorable and pleasurable. I'll always cherish these memories. A special heartfelt thank you to Kathy and Linda for being so accomodating and such great friends. Love you all.

My LONG road home!!!

All times are in EST:

8 am - Woke up so Kathy could drive me to the airport. Poor thing, it was 5 am PST!
9:45 am - Fly from Santa Ana to Minneapolis
12 pm - Arrive in Minneapolis
12:30 pm - Board plane in Minneapolis to Hartford
12:45 pm - Pilot informs us that Hartford is closed...disembarked plane
5 pm - Fly from Minneapolis to Detroit
7:30 pm - Arrive in Detroit
9 pm - Fly from Detroit to Hartford
11 pm - Arrive in Hartford
12:30 am - Arrive home, after hour drive in ice and snow!

Needless to say, I slept all of the next day!!! ;)


Jean said...

What an awesome experience!

Stayce DeWid said...

sounds fun. LOVED the chocolate. You're lucky you got Kathy and I outta there when you did. lol

Joni (kix) said...

I love the photos! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! After looking at your itinerary home, I'm glad I wasn't actually on your trip. Just experiencing it second hand was tiring enough! LOL!

Kathy said...

Great job Amy...maybe I should just copy and paste it on my blog...ROFL! So glad you were able to come out to be with us. {{{hugs}}}

Alicia said...

Awesome recap Amy! Felt like I was there!

my scrap therapy said...
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MichelleS said...

looks and sounds like a blast!!!

Melanie said...

I love all your pics from CHA. Looks like a blast. Great job recapping the fun

antenucci said...

What a great experience CHA must have been. Thanks for sharing all the photos especially each of you from SD4U.

Suz said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

I found your blog link on the Scrapperie GD thread... what a treat it's been

Ginger said...

How fun! Love all your pictures!

Mandy said...

Wow looks like you had an awesome time! Loved looking at all your photos.

Janette said...

WOW girl those are awesome photos!
Looks like you all had a great time.
Thanks for sharing so we can see what's new out there. Have a great day my friend! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

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