Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Layouts I've Made Using the Awesome SD4U August Kit!!!

I'm having so much fun creating layouts with the super summery August kit from Scrapbook Deals 4U. The Grafton line from Scenic Route is just perfect for scrapping your summer memories. Here's what I've done so far:

Some close-ups of my 2-pager:

Buy your August kit here and start scrapping those super fun summer times you've been having!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm baaaaack!!!

Hi all...I'm back on American soil after traveling 3 weeks in Europe. In some respects, I feel like I've been gone two months. Yet I still feel like I could have lasted longer there, it was just so beautiful. I'd like to share some photos with you all. I've chosen one photo per day that I was gone. I hope you enjoy them.

Day 1 - Doris and I in eager anticipation of our trip as we take our Red Eye transatlantic flight. So many possibilities ahead of us.

Day 2 - I was immediately struck by the European architecture and the fact that Europe is so much older than the United States. Here a Union Jack flies over a beautiful building.

Day 3 - It was so impressive to see the Big Ben and Parliament building in person. Did you know that the Big Ben is not the clock itself, but rather the bell inside of the clock? I hadn't known that.

Day 4 - Just look at this gorgeous sunset in Holland! On this day, we traveled through 4 different countries: England, France, Belgium, and Holland.

Day 5 - This is a windmill in Holland that has been the inspiration for some of Rembrandt's paintings. It was truly a beautiful sight to see in person.

Day 6 - This is a picture of a schloss (castle) in Heidelberg, built centuries ago. My friend Silvia picked us up at our hotel and brought us to Heidelberg to tour for a few hours. It was so wonderful to see her. Thank you, Silvia.

Day 7 - We stayed in a quaint little Swiss village called Fluelen. The scenery was out of this world. Some of the prettiest I have seen.

Day 8 - A beautiful shot of Lake Lucerne. Doris and I sat outside by the lake one evening after dinner and it was just so peaceful.

Day 9 - A gorgeous shot of Venice here. To the right is Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale di Venezia). To the left is the famous San Marco Bell Tower.

Day 10 - I shot this beautiful view of the Bridge of Sighs from a gondola in Venice. What an amazing experience!

Day 11 - I had never seen Trevi Fountain in pictures before, so I had no idea how gorgeous it would be in person. This was one of my favorite sights to see. I threw three coins with my right hand over my left shoulder into the fountain. One for life; one for love; and one to return to Rome again.

Day 12 - The Colosseum in all of its majesty. I had no idea that it was sitting right in the middle of the city! I thought it would be more remote.

Day 13 - Vatican Square. What a treat to see in person. So surreal.

Day 14 - The beautiful Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy.

Day 15 - A beautiful shot of the Prince's Palace of Monaco at night.

Day 16 - We got to visit a lovely village in the south of France called St. Paul de Vence. It was built on a hilltop and had such lovely views all around it.

Day 17 - The famous Pont d'Avignon, a bridge that was never finished and just stops in the middle of the Rhone River.

Day 18 - A wonderful shot of the Moulon Rouge (Red Windmill) in Paris, France.

Day 19 - The Tour Eiffel, probably the sight I wanted to see the most in Europe (you can tell from my Meez persona on my blog!). Truly magnificent and what gorgeous sky surrounding it on this day.

Day 20 - The saddest day of this trip, when we bid 'adieu' to mainland Europe and headed back to England via the Calais/Dover ferry.

Day 21 - Doris and I have come full circle. This parting shot was taken at Heathrow International Airport in London. Back to reality for us!

I can't begin to express just how priveleged we were to have seen all that we saw over in Europe. To walk those hallowed grounds, to touch the stones and marble. This has been a life-altering experience for me and I am truly blessed. I'm already trying to figure out when I can go back!

If anyone is looking to partake in such an experience, check out this Cosmos website. It's a great and affordable way to see the world and leave the driving and other travel details up to someone else, not to mention door to door service to all of the sights.

I hope you all had a wonderful past three weeks and I look forward to catching up with you all.